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NanoVoltaics, Inc.

The Energy to Change Our Future

NanoVoltaics: Algae, Nanomaterials, Solar.

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Image of flat-plate photobioreactor array built by NanoVoltaics, Inc.

1We design and manufacture photo-bioreactors and raceway ponds for use in the production of algae for biofuels and nutraceuticals.


Scanning electron microscope image of nanoporous geopolymer

2We develop and produce novel nanoporous materials, using proprietary, sustainable, low-cost production methods, for use in:


Solar Thermal Collectors for use in Solar Hot Water Systems

3Our subsidiary NVI Solar LLC is a specialized provider of complete solar thermal systems for both residential and commercial applications.

See us in action

This short video features some of the algae production systems we have designed and built, including columnar photobioreactors, open raceway ponds and flat-plate photobioreactors. It also shows our team in action during the construction of the algae production testbed for the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation (AzCATI)at the Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus.

Why choose NVI?

Your One-Stop Shop for Algae Production Equipment

NVI not only provides custom algae cultivation equipment, but also turn-key installation and commissioning of complete production facilities from inoculation to harvest, dewatering and drying.

Higher Productivity

Our algae cultivation systems are state-of-the art, and provide industry-benchmark productivity through our proprietray designs.


Our algae growth and pre-processing solutions are scalable from R&D and pilot-production all the way to high volume production.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Our systems are designed with cost of ownership in mind and provide the best value in terms of lower capital and operational costs.